2023 Adult Madrigal Singers

From director Jeff Driscoll: Thanks to all who auditioned today and earlier in the week. The worst part of creating a select group of singers is the fact that it means excellent talent gets cut from the list (as opposed to our summer shows where we have more flexibility to add to an ensemble). This year, the biggest hurdle was not vocal balance as in the past, but actually a physical logistical problem: the initial list of singers wouldn’t have been able to fit on the stage/table are for performances. With that in mind, trims to that first draft of the list had to be made in order to account for space, and most decisions we considered via scheduling and availability compared to the whole group. It’s always our great regret that we can’t include everyone who auditions, and we greatly encourage you to continue to join us when we mount “9 to 5” next summer!

For those individuals selected, our first rehearsal will be Sunday, October 15 from 6:30-8:30pm at Monroe. Please bring a binder to put music in – everything else will be provided on site. We will be developing a rehearsal calendar throughout the next few days, so if you have additional conflicts that you forgot to include or that come up, please send them ASAP. (After the 15th, the next rehearsal won’t be until October 22nd.)

Amanda Joplin
Kaelyn Lambie
Elisabeth Pluth
Kelsey Schrag
Blisse Stanford

Sarah Barton
Julie Peters
Maggie Sloter
Grace Thomas

Justin Hicke
Connor Flier
Aidan Roberts
Jacob Upp

Aaron Church
Kyle Eaker
Jason Hurst
Michael Lewellyn
Jake Thomas

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