Show Week Updates

Some updates as we continue to push to performances – a few items are copied directly from the last message I sent but with some important updates:

  1. Tickets available online: or at the door
  2. If you pre-ordered tickets through me, directors have those to pick-up. I still have some that were ordered but never paid. These will be placed back into the stack for general sale tomorrow.
  3. PARKING – please consider arranging for carpool options to help us limit the number of cars at South Eden. I’m specifically worried about the overlap between shows – those attending “Elvis” are asked to not arrive until after 7:10 to help ease the congestion in the parking lot.

    Additionally, South Eden will be opening up space behind the building out in the grass. If you’re able to, please park in the back of the building and leave the closer parking spaces for those with limited mobility.
  4. ALL entrances will be made on the entrance to the reception hall area – a big white archway. NOT via the doors labeled “Mall Entrance” – that’s for the business side of things.
  5. South Eden will be running a concessions stand before/intermission/after shows – they’ll have cupcakes and drinks available! Please consider visiting this concession stand to help patronize their business as they’re providing us a LOT in terms of facility and access this week! This concession stand is cash only.
  6. Thursday evening we arrange for a photographer to come in. Our usual photographers are not available this weekend, so Jen Blanchard has agreed to cover the night for us. I’ll have info out post-shows for how to purchase the photos that she takes this night.
  7. Video recordings will be taken both Friday and Saturday night. We’re transitioning out of physical media in an effort to get you copies sooner and we will upload each night to a private YouTube link.
  8. LOAD OUT – We need to turn our attention to clearing out of South Eden – please see here for more info and sign-up if you’re able to assist – I think we can be done within a couple of hours easily.

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