Show Weekend Reminders

Parents – we’ve arrived at show weekend! I’ve heard from both sets of directors how much the kids made leaps and bounds last night at rehearsals now that they’ve gotten nerves out from the matinee performances. A few things as we head into performances:

Today is the last day to turn in pre-order envelopes to directors – all tickets that have been ordered will be held at the door for pick-up – just let them know at the table that you have them. Same for tickets purchased via our website.

Doors will open for seating each night approximately 20 minutes before the show starts. This is especially true for Bedlam as we have to clear the theater out completely and let them re-set the stage after 33 Pigs is finished.

Unfortunately the high school bathrooms are still shut down from the construction work that’s happening. Audience will be directed down the hallway to the middle school for restroom access

Make sure dessert items (33 Pigs-Friday, Bedlam-Saturday) are delivered to the school by 5:30pm. They can be brought in earlier (especially for Bedlam cast since 5:30 is way earlier than their call times) – just make sure they’re given to directors or myself with an indication of which day things are for.

Please make sure to check in with directors about needs for strike – things move VERY QUICKLY Sunday morning as “Cinderella” takes over the stage. All personal items of cast members MUST be taken home after shows on Saturday – we do not vouch for the care of any items that are left behind – Sunday moves fast with packing and moving and construction – things can very easily get tossed in tubs and go missing.

Saturday is looking to be quite warm outside – combine the temps with being in costumes and under lights and in small backstage spaces, it’s important that kids bring a water bottle with them. Make sure this is labeled with their name and that they are not leaving empty bottles around the shared spaces. However, hydration isn’t just during the time that they are at the theater, they need to up their water intake throughout the day in order to be well hydrated by performance times.

We are still in need of some additional help for performances – NONE of the tasks will interfere with your ability to see the shows – I will take over ticket sales from you just before the shows start and if you’re helping with the water sales or desserts you can just head there right as the show/act finishes.

At the ticket table will also be some generic arc light merchandise, mugs, and the new pins. In addition to this we’ve launched a public summer store with some brand new items that is open until Monday and will ship to your house on completion:

Arc Light records the Friday & Saturday performances and we will edit together an archival DVD copy that each family is given a free copy of. Understand that due to time constraints on editing for my schedule with back-to-back shows, typically the request form goes out after Madrigal in December for all the shows from our season at once. Also, we have a photographer, Natalie Fee, who comes in to final dress tonight to take photos and she will have an order form available if you would like to purchase the photos she takes.

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