Youth Show Wrap Up – Part 1

Hi parents!

Thanks for an amazing and successful weekend of performances and all your help to make that happen. A number of quick wrap-up things from my end – I’m calling it part 1 because I’m sure there will be a follow-up with additional items as my brain has a chance to recover:

  1. Our Summer Merch store runs through TOMORROW – Monday evening – you can order generic Arc Light merch and have shipped directly to your home:
  2. If you find your child is missing anything, reach out to directors FIRST – the Cinderella cast has transformed the stage and backstage areas very quickly today. If directors aren’t sure / didn’t find things, shoot me a message and we can coordinate times for you to come in and look, but I promise nothing is where kids had left it anymore, lol!
  3. Photo Order form from Natalie is here:
  4. Look for a message later this week with an application if you would be interested in joining our Board of Directors and helping to shape the future of Arc Light!
  5. Stay involved at Arc Light! We hope to run a youth workshop this Fall and sign-ups for the Madrigal Children’s Choirs will come in mid-September!
  6. I really thought I had a couple other things to add, but again, brain melting in the stage transition – join us for Cinderella on July 20-23 – more later!

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