Summer Shows Update – 5/26/21

Please see the following update regarding all of our Summer productions!

Each youth cast member will receive a show shirt t-shirt with our “under the stars” logo on the front and their show logos on the back. Each show will have a unique color to the base t-shirt. We will be placing this order next week and will use the t-shirt size provided on the audition form. If you need to revise or check on this size, please contact Jeff to verify. Each youth cast member will also receive an Arc Light face mask with their shirt!

We are also launching a limited run online store featuring our “under the stars” logo on a gray t-shirt in three variations – one is blank for general support, one has the Grimm/Tiaras logos on the back, and the third has the Peggy/Bank/Snow logos on the back. In addition to these shirts, there are also Arc Light facemasks, generic arc light merchandise, decals with all of the show logos, and more! This store will only be open through Tuesday, June 8 – place your orders and pay online — items will be delivered to rehearsals in late June. (Or you can choose to have it shipped to you.)

Link to store:

Try as we might, we aren’t able to control the weather. As we move more into summer, we hope to not have to worry about weather concerns for rehearsals but will always keep a close eye on the forecast and radar. (So for Thursday the 27th, for example!) Whenever possible, rehearsal will always continue even if there is a light rain since the shelters have a roof for projection. If there is more severe weather predicted, we will review as necessary and cancel as a last resort (potentially changing to a Zoom rehearsal if necessary). We will try to always make any weather-related changes about an hour before practice but can only do so much to predict the changing conditions.

As we get ready to begin our performances, we are in need of some assistance with several areas of logistics that come with setting up and tearing down performances nightly. If you can help with any of the following items, please let me know ASAP — we are hoping between all 7 productions this summer we can get everything taken care of without having to purchase or rent things that would only be used for a single summer:

  1. Trailer and ability to move 6 4×8 platforms for the stage. We would move these to/from the park once in June and once in July. Ideally moving on Monday, June 14 in the early afternoon, returning after the Cabaret show around 9:30 on Saturday, June 19; the second would be early afternoon on Tuesday, July 13 and returned after the Cabaret show around 9:30 on July 24. These transport dates can be flexible – we’ll work around the schedule of whomever might have the ability to transport! (Alternatively, we could do a series of trucks but with 6 platforms it would probably take 2-3 trucks to do in one trip which is preferred!)

    We will also need help moving these platforms when the time comes!
  2. Lockable enclosed trailer that could be parked at the Oz Pavilion for show weeks to help store set pieces and logistical items on site and reduce the amount that have to be loaded into cars and transported away each night. Two time blocks: June 14-19 and July 13-24. (Being put into the trailer would be things like folding tables and chairs, backdrop fabric/pole curtains, pop-up tents, set pieces, etc) (This could easily be an “and / or” situation if you might have trailer access for only one block of time and not both!)
  3. Several pop-up tents – we want to create a backstage area for participants behind the pavilion plus one to be used in front of the pavilion for ticketing/admissions. Depending on size, we’d probably be looking for 3 tents.

If you can help with any of these, please contact Jeff directly this week so we can figure out our logistical plans – 309-455-4095 or

We know many of you have family and friends who are eager to attend our performances. We’ve updated the main page of the Arc Light website to better reflect the performance dates and ticketing sale dates. Cabaret show tickets are $10 and each youth show is $5. For your information, here’s the timeline for when tickets will go on sale for participants:

*May 24 – Cabaret 1 – Initial Block to Cast
*June 7 – Cabaret 1 – Remaining tickets open to all cast
*June 14 – Cabaret 1 – General Public sale of any remaining seats
*June 21 – Youth Shows – Initial Block to Cast
*June 28 – Cabaret 2 – Initial Block to Cast
*July 5 – Youth Shows – Remaining tickets open to all cast
*July 12 – Youth Shows – General Public sale of any remaining seats
– Cabaret 2 – Remaining tickets open to all cast
*July 19 – Cabaret 2 – General Public sale of any remaining seats

Every year, Arc Light assists Hollis Park District in providing logistical support for their Wizard of Oz Festival – this year more than ever we want to provide lots of hands to help run the behind the scenes components of this day – they have been a huge support for us this year to make our 2021 season happen! This year’s Oz Fest is set for Saturday, August 14 — times and more info coming soon.

For Cabaret performers, I have a friend opening a new art building in Bloomington at the end of August who has asked if we might be interested in coming providing entertainment during part of their grand opening celebrations August 27-28. When she gets their schedule more solidified and we get closer to August, I’ll do a survey of performers for who would be interested and available to road trip over and we can put together songs/events from both Cabaret performances based on those available!

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