Youth Load In Help & Ticket Updates

Families – a number of things on this Monday:

  1. Directors need your help! There’s a lot to go in to loading our things into South Eden Village and turning it into a theater space. Load in is scheduled for Sunday, June 16 beginning at 10am. Please see this doc – we need 8-10 available volunteers to help make this day go smoothly:
  2. If you pre-purchased tickets, directors will have those tonight to distribute. There were a few instances where families venmo’d payment but didn’t include which day/how many. I am assuming that this is a case of cast members who were not at rehearsal last week to turn in their envelopes and those will get turned in today. In order to process ticket orders, I have to know the day AND the breakdown of kid/general/senior. There were also some who messaged with requests to hold but had not paid yet; again, I assume these are just waiting until the next in-person practice to take care of and then we’ll get those to you. If you messaged me about holding tickets, I should have replied with a confirmation which means we have those pulled for you.
  3. If you need to purchase additional tickets, there are no limitations on these at this point. Please give to directors at rehearsal and they will get me those orders. It is best if payment is in an envelope – and again, clearly marked with day and breakdown. If you pay via Venmo, please include that in the memo. The hope is to have tickets for you to pick-up the following rehearsal.
  4. Online sales will begin on June 14.
  5. June 12 is the deadline to turn in Shout-Outs to directors as well as program ad space. Items received after June 12 will not be able to be included in the program.
  6. For our returning families, we are NOT doing the bake sale this year at intermission due to space at South Eden — they will be running a small concession stand instead.

    Look for more info on performance night logistics later this week or early next!

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