Youth Show Week Info

Happy show week! Thanks to those who helped move into South Eden yesterday. I think we’ve created a fun theater space for the performers in kind of our “roll with it” season this summer. A few notes from the administrative level – some of which probably repeats what directors are saying.

  1. Tickets are now available online:
  2. Tickets should also be available at the door; there’s enough seating remaining on all nights that I don’t anticipate there being an issue. If anything starts to look tight, I will update.
  3. If you pre-ordered tickets through me, directors have those to pick-up. I still have some that were ordered but never paid.
  4. Please reinforce with your performer the importance of respecting South Eden as a borrowed site location.
  5. NO performers should be attempting to enter the building before 5:15 for Dragon. I don’t have the specific “arrival time” on hand for Elvis — but there is not really any ideal spaces for kids to be who aren’t directly engaged in the rehearsal happening or arriving too early. Especially for tonight’s rehearsal (Monday), parents should go into the building with the performer to help them find their way.
  6. The parking lot is limited at South Eden – as you look ahead to performances, please consider arranging for car pool options. If the extended family is all coming to the show, rather than meeting at South Eden, consider coordinating meeting at someone’s house and driving together. I’m mostly concerned about the time between the two shows while the “Dragon” audience is clearing out as the “Elvis” audience is arriving. Please suggest to Elvis attendees that they not arrive to South Eden before 7:10 to help ease this congestion.
  7. ALL entrances will be made on the entrance to the reception hall area – a big white archway. NOT via the doors labeled “Mall Entrance” – that’s for the business side of things.
  8. South Eden will be running a concessions stand before/intermission/after shows – they’ll have cupcakes and drinks available! Please consider visiting this concession stand to help patronize their business as they’re providing us a LOT in terms of facility and access this week!

More from me later in the week – please check in with directors for more specific questions!

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