Cast Ticket Sales – Round 2

Tickets are now available as first come/first serve to all cast members for their show with no limits on numbers. There are no longer any holds based on initial ticket allotment per cast member. All available seats are fair game.

For those who have sent funds via venmo for tickets, I have tried to ‘like’ the transaction as a quick way to confirm that we had received it. It has come to my attention that you may not get a notification of this depending on your settings. Please check with me if your transaction does not show as “liked” within 24 hours of transfer.

To purchase tickets, you need to FIRST send Jeff a message via Remind to hold the tickets you are requesting. Be sure to include the show name, date, and time in the message. Payment can be sent either by Venmo or given to directors. All tickets purchased will be held until payment received and likely distributed during show week dress rehearsals depending on when I can get out to rehearsals to hand off to directors. This page will stay updated as requests come in – do not send money to rehearsal without having confirmed availability.

Shows have a hard cap limit of 75 audience members due to space at the shelter. Once shows are sold out, no over-sold tickets will be available for them and anyone attempting to purchase the day-of will be turned away (pending weather; on good days additional seating in the grass on either side of the shelter is possible). Please express to family/friends attending the importance of securing tickets in advance. Any seats that remain on July 12 will go on public sale through our Square store.

REMAINING TICKET CAPACITY — as orders come in I will update these numbers accordingly:
last update: 7/17/21 – 10:00am

Ticket numbers listed below will not reflect any orders that came in after 10am Saturday or purchases made at the door.

Saturday – 1:00 – 41
Saturday – 2:15 – 37
Sunday – 1:00 – 47
Sunday – 2:15 – 12

Saturday – 3:30 – 27
Saturday – 4:45 – 34
Sunday – 3:30 – 31
Sunday – 4:45 – 39

Saturday – 6:00 – 16
Sunday – 6:00 – 27

Saturday – 7:30 – 16
Sunday – 7:30 – 33

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