Summer Shows Update – 5/23/21

Hello participants and parents in our 2021 Summer Season. We’re excited to have been off to a great start the last few weeks as our rehearsals have gotten underway. A number of changes have been announced by the CDC, the state of Illinois, and the Illinois Department of Public Health and we have several updates to our announced mitigations, adjustments to our performance schedules, and general updates as we progress into the summer.

Be watching for an update in a few days with a link to our summer merchandise store where you’ll be able to get Arc Light branded apparel as well as limited release items featuring our “under the stars” logo.

Please see the Sponsorship section of our website for information about how individuals and businesses can support Arc Light! Print-out flyers were sent home with youth casts this week – see your directors if you need more to hand out! Past participation in our Sponsorship Program has allowed us to purchase an additional 4 wireless microphones this summer which will allow us to mic all of the performers during our outdoors productions. We encourage you to help spread the word about our Sponsorship Program – who knows what we’ll be able to accomplish next?!

As we move into summer and restrictions begin to be lifted, there is a potential to let down our guard when it comes to our social distancing steps. Please remember to report immediately any onset of symptoms or close contact quarantines. We have already had a couple of performers who have been impacted by close contact situations – we thank those parents for their quick notification. As things open back up and many breathe a sigh of relief for surviving the school year, we aren’t out of the woods yet: maintain the appropriate precautions in daily life so that we can minimize any impact on rehearsals and especially performances, and take the necessary steps to isolate from activities if directed by the IDPH or demonstrating symptoms.

Based on projected interest in tickets, we are excited to add a third performance for both the June and July Cabaret performances on Thursday nights. All cabaret shows will begin at 8pm. (Show 1: June 17-19; Show 2: July 22-24)

With the latest update from the CDC and IDPH regarding masks, fully vaccinated audience members will not be required to wear masks for our outdoor performances. Per CDC and IDPH guidelines, masks should still be worn by any individuals who are not fully vaccinated (2 weeks past their final dose), as well as anyone who would prefer wearing a mask for their own comfort and safety.

Additionally, we are going to increase the seating capacity on all performances from 50 to 75. We are excited to welcome more individuals to each of our performances. As a reminder, each participant will be allotted a certain number of tickets for each performance. These will go on sale to cast approximately 4 weeks before show. 2 weeks before performances, remaining seats will become available for cast members, and 1 week prior to performance any remaining tickets will be available for public sale.

The Arc Light board has reviewed the updated recommendations for mask wearing and will be continuing to require all youth show participants/staff to be masked for rehearsals and performances regardless of vaccination status. Over half of our youth show participants are not eligible for the vaccine and just because those above age 12 are eligible does not mean that they will all have opted to receive it. Since social distancing cannot be maintained through the course of rehearsing and staging the plays, it is important to create a consistent and equitable environment where no children feel excluded due to either not being eligible, interested, or able to receive the vaccine.

In contrast to a full play production, in a Cabaret-style performance social distancing spacing is able to be utilized, and as such those cast members who are fully vaccinated (2 weeks after their final dose) are not required to wear masks for rehearsal or performance.

Cast members who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks for rehearsals and performances per CDC and IDPH guidelines. The exception to this will be that not-fully vaccinated cast members will be allowed, based on their individual preference and comfort level, to remove their masks when performing on stage once we move outdoors for dress rehearsals and performances. This is being allowed based on the ability to still social distance in staging. Masks should continue to be worn any time not actively on stage performing per CDC/IDPH.

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