Youth Shows – Parent Help!

Hi Parents!

Thanks for an INCREDIBLE turn out of support at the Broadway Lounge event last evening. Everyone on Arc Light’s end was blown away at how many people came out to enjoy the evening. We appreciate your patience as the amazing wait staff juggled performing themselves as well as managing about twice as many people as we had expected to see – everyone’s estimates were off. We’ll know how to plan better next year as this becomes an annual event and already have notes on adjustments for timing to help us not overwhelm the servers and kitchen. The final total for the day of fundraising was an incredible $2902. The day started with an original goal of $1000 so this was an amazing surprise!

Our 2022 Summer Youth performances are NEXT WEEK! It’s hard to believe they are already here. I have a number of update things as we approach the shows for your information and also your help:

TEMPERATURES – Next week looks to be as hot (or hotter) as this week has. We believe everything at IB has resolved itself in relation to the air conditioning system, but please be aware that if outside temperatures are 100 degrees (which Tuesday is projected to be at or close to that), there’s only so much the a/c system can keep up in a large space like the theater. We appreciate you reminding your guests/family of this. We’ll empty out the theater completely between the two shows and pump some fans on to try and cool down before starting the 2nd performances.

HYDRATION – Combine the temps with being in costumes and under lights and in small backstage spaces, it’s important that kids bring a water bottle with them. Make sure this is labeled with their name and that they are not leaving empty bottles around the shared spaces. However, hydration isn’t just during the time that they are at the theater, they need to up their water intake throughout the day in order to be well hydrated by performance times. We’ll have some extra cases of water available as well.

DESSERT RECEPTION – We host a dessert reception for the kids/audience between the two shows on Friday and Saturday (and then this remains available during WCKY’s intermission). We ask for parent help in providing desserts, splitting this up by day – with American in charge on Friday and WCKY in charge on Saturday. Desserts should be pre-bagged for individual servings in ziplocks or etc. We have learned that cookies/brownies work best for bagging (some years we’ve had people bring in cakes/pies and that’s hard to get in bags in a non messy way). They should not need refrigeration. All items should be to the theater on your assigned day by 5:30pm. You CAN bring things in earlier than the day of – just make sure to give to directors or myself being clear that items are for the dessert reception.

PARENT HELP – We need your help on the performances! Please see this Google Doc for the volunteer needs and add your name if you can help. If you aren’t able to edit the doc, let me know and I can add your name for you. We need assistance on Tuesday picking up the La Gondola for lunch, ticket and water sales on Friday & Saturday, and managing the dessert reception. NONE of the tasks will interfere with your ability to see the shows – I will take over ticket sales from you just before the shows start and if you’re helping with the water sales or desserts you can just head there right as the show/act finishes.

SHOW RECORDING – Arc Light records the Friday & Saturday performances and we will edit together an archival DVD copy that each family is given a free copy of. Understand that due to time constraints on editing for my schedule with back-to-back shows, typically the request form goes out after Madrigal in December for all the shows from our season at once. Also, we have a photographer, Natalie Fee, who comes in Thursday evening to take photos during the final dress rehearsal and she will have an order form available if you would like to purchase the photos she takes.

PREVIEW NIGHT – Directors will follow-up with more information about having a “test audience” come in to watch the shows on Monday evening and give the kids some real reactions before the matinee performances. This can also be a great night if you want to take your own photos/video and bring the small kids without worrying about disrupting an audience.

MATINEES – Tickets for the general public for the matinees are available ONLY at the door. Quick math looks like “American” only has about 100-120 seats available for the general public after you account for the day camps, so seating is very limited.

TICKETS – Tickets for Friday & Saturday can be purchased at the door, via our Square site (click on “Store” above), or through the ticket pre-order envelope. The pre-orders can be turned in through Thursday June 23. ALL pre-purchased tickets will be held at the door for pick-up. There will also be some generic Arc Light merch available for purchase at the ticket table each night. (Acrylic mugs, travel mugs, face masks, and a limited selection of t-shirts/hoodies).

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