Youth Shows Update – 6/28

Good morning parents. A number of important updates this week – things begin to move very quickly these last few weeks of the process.

As a blanket reminder, all participants should be masked when they arrive for rehearsal until they are picked up, regardless of vaccination status. (Arriving for rehearsal means entering the pavilion space, not specifically when rehearsal begins; and any time they are within 6 feet of individual not in their home.) Directors have had a few issues with this over the last week and is not something that they should have to remind kids about. Please explain to your participant the importance of following safety precautions. Individuals who are not following precautions will be sent home from rehearsal and possibly removed from the production. Not all of our participants have chosen to be vaccinated/are eligible to be vaccinated, and social distancing cannot be maintained in the staging of our plays. For consistency in enforcement, masks are expected of all performers.

I’ll group the rest of the reminders by date:

*Last day to turn in pre-sale orders to directors to guarantee your initial allotment of tickets. I will touch base with directors and try to return these ASAP (a few have already been sent back) – but once you’ve turned in envelopes to directors that locks in your purchase even if you don’t have tickets in hand yet.

*Remaining tickets go on sale to cast on a first come/first serve basis. I will create a page that lists the number of tickets available for each performance and you will be able to contact me directly to secure additional tickets and then send money to directors at the next rehearsal. I will keep that page up to date as requests come in.

*Last day to sign-up for set-up and tear-down crews. We are grateful to the 3 individuals who have stepped up thus far to help, but we continue to be very short on available help. At least 2 more individuals are needed for daily set-up and 6-8 for tear down. If we do not have the necessary number of volunteers by July 5th, then we will have to make cuts to the amount of lighting/sound and logistical support that is offered during that week in order to make the workload manageable for the number of volunteers available. We have very few options in what can be cut, and unfortunately these are some of the most desired elements the directors want to work with.

*Program shout-outs are due to directors. You should have received the form in rehearsals last week with the ticket orders. Please ask directors for an additional copy if needed.

*Sponsorships / program ads must be received in order to be printed in the program. Any received after this date will be verbally acknowledged but will not be in print. Our Sponsorship program is responsible for 50% of our operating budget in a normal year, allowing us to keep ticket prices lower than any other surrounding community theater – this year it becomes even more important with audience capacities severely limited.

*Any remaining tickets will go on public sale through our website. We do not guarantee that there will be seats available for every performance. The audience size remains capped at 75.

*We are in need of individuals to work the ticket table on the Sunday performances – a few slots still remain – see here if you can assist:

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