Youth Shows Update – 7/14

Good morning! We had a GREAT first night at the park. I know it was exciting for kids & directors both to finally have the stage, lights, and microphones to help. A few things this morning:

  1. We are still in need of a couple ticket table volunteers for the Sunday performance – please sign-up for an hour or two if you’d be available.
  2. Several of you have asked about the likelihood of availability of purchasing tickets on site at the ticket table. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to answer this as I can’t predict what sales may come in in the next 3 days or how much demand we would see on site. Each performance is hard capped at 75, so while all shows currently have tickets available, some are starting to get close to their max. I am continuing to keep this page up to date at least once a day with available tickets – hopefully that can help you gauge your answer to family who are hesitant to purchase in advance or unsure of availability/plans.
  3. We are aware of the questionable weather forecast for Thursday and Friday. We hope things clear up but are working on alternate plans throughout today. Please watch for updates starting tomorrow morning and throughout the next 2 days as we see how the weather develops.
  4. OZ FEST – Each year, Arc Light helps to supply volunteers for the Hollis Park District’s Wizard of Oz Festival.  HPD provides us storage space for all of our supplies and this year have been extremely generous in allowing us to take over park facilities for rehearsals and performances.  This is an excellent way for Arc Light to show our appreciation and give back to support one of their largest events of the year.  See here to sign-up if you’d be available to join on Saturday, August 14th:

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